Time to Register for the May Midwest Morel Fest

The oncoming of spring means more than just April showers for those in Ottawa – it also means that we’re just one month away from the Midwest Morel Fest, an unusual and fun festival that offers “everything mushrooms.”

Of course, the center of the festival is the morel mushroom, a rare and difficult-to-grow edible mushroom native to the region that grows each spring. Those lucky enough to find or be skilled enough to grow morels find themselves with a tasty treat that can be sold for a pretty penny.

You can learn about morel mushrooms and how to spot them at the festival. Plus, an enormous group morel-hunt will ensue, with huge cash prizes for the winner. You must register ahead of time to participate, so head to the website, here, to do so.

The festival will also be home to many vendors selling food, drink, and more. Are you planning to attend? Let us know in the comments.

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