Kia Scores Twice on US World News & Reports 2015 Best Cars for Families

Kia K900

US News & World Report got it right when they said that “family life is all about balance.” Family life can be a whirlwind. Between doctor’s visits, soccer practice, vacations, school, and everything else, having a cramped, incapable, and unreliable car just doesn’t work.

That’s why US News & World Report puts out their Best Cars for Families list. The list helps parents sift through the automotive world and go straight to something that’s going to have their back.

Kia took the prize in two categories for the 2015 Best Cars for Families. The Kia Soul won in the hatchback category. US News & Report, in their own review for the Soul, liked its safety features and safety performances in crash tests. The Kia K900 won in the large luxury car category.

Jamie Page Deaton, managing editor of US News Best Cars said, “Parents might first look at Kia models for their value, but the Soul and K900 prove there are many other reasons to consider the brand.”

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