Gorgeous Kia Sportspace Concept Expected in Geneva

Earlier in February, Kia released a teaser for a new concept it would bring to the Geneva Motor Show. Only the front profile was revealed, however, and not the rear. Why not?

Now we know. It turns out that the car, which is now officially known as Kia Sportspace Concept, is a wagon. Or… a hatchback? Well, it’s somewhere in between, in any case.

It’s also gorgeous. It has all the hallmarks of a modern Kia, with the tiger-nose grille up front and clean lines boasting a well-proportioned body all throughout. It was designed at the automaker’s Frankfurt studio as a replacement for the Optima, which is one of our most popular vehicles at Bill Walsh Kia.

All that being said, we really wish our fellow Americans would start loving wagons again, because—unfortunately—the reveal of the Sportspace Concept’s rear end also doubles as a statement about the model’s intended market: it’s going to be a European model, likely never to reach US shores. We have our SUVs here, and they have wagons there. Why can’t we have both? One can dream…

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