Blake Griffin Kia Spot: Cool As Clint?

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Do basketball players made great improvisational comedians? From the new Kia Optima spot, we know that one of them does. That basketball player would be Los Angeles Clipper Griffin Blake.

Set in the Wild West, the script calls for Blake to ride into town on a horse. We know this because the director gets a little irate when the hoops player instead opts to ride into town in a strikingly white Kia Optima.

The director, who looks not unlike an unshaven Michael Keaton, confronts Blake about this deviation. The athlete-turned-actor says, “I’m improvising, man.” Blake can’t hide his annoyance that the director is suppressing his creative expression. Asked where his horse is, cowboy Blake stays in character, “I ditched that old nag.”

To find out whether or not he convinces the director to let him use the Kia Optima instead, you’ll have to watch the Blake Griffin Kia spot here. Either way, it’s a pretty hilarious spot! And Griffin does seem to display some undeniable acting chops.

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