2018 Kia Soul Review

There are many unique options within the Kia lineup, and the Kia Soul is a definite favorite. This spacious vehicle sits somewhere between compact hatchback and crossover SUV, and is bursting with personality. Its signature design has earned it an iconic status as well. In a recent survey by J. D. Power, it was revealed that the majority of Kia Soul owners choose their vehicle because they wanted something that would both stand out in a crowd as well as something with an enjoyable drive and responsive handling.

That second quality is now more present than ever in the recently redesigned Kia Soul Exclaim, which adds a peppy turbocharged engine. The 2018 Kia Soul has enhanced performance with this engine option, as well as confident handling that’s made secure with the addition of intelligent safety features such as Blind Spot Detection.

Another thing that drivers love about the 2018 Kia Soul is its sophisticated, high-quality interior. The Kia Soul has a very approachable base price, and even in its lowest trim the cabin has a carefully crafted, elegant interior that you won’t likely see in competitors, and certainly not for this price. It’s another detail that makes the affordable 2018 Kia Soul a valuable pick for a daily commuter.

There are lots of things to appreciate about the Kia Soul. We look forward to learning what the best things are from your perspective when you test drive a 2018 Kia Soul at Bill Walsh Kia.

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