Kia Motors UK Head Office Staff Walks to South Korea

If you could walk from Surrey, England to Seoul, South Korea in support of a local charity, would you do it? One-hundred and sixteen employees at the Kia Motors UK head office answered that question with a resounding yes. Armed with pedometers and a willingness to help the local community, the group of employees walked a collective 39,397 miles in 14 weeks.

“We never expected so many members of staff to take up the challenge – the levels of competitiveness shown has been a great surprise – the number of staff who would just get up and walk about just to get their steps up was a real incentive for everyone to get moving. The knowledge that we were all raising money for Walton Charity made everyone want to walk more,” said coordinators of Kia Motors staff activities, Melanie Minetti and Sonia Appleby.

For every mile walked, Kia Motors UK donated one pound to the local Walton Charity, which provides for the unmet needs of local residents who have fallen on hard times. For instance, using the 40,000 pounds raised during this challenge, the Walton Charity will be able to better fund housing for those in the community without a home.

We at Bill Walsh Kia are guessing that if we were to ask any of the 116 Kia employees who participated in the challenge, they would tell us that every one of those 79,618,377 steps was worth it.

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