Fall Service Tips for Car Owners

As we progress through fall and make our way towards winter, the threat of hazardous weather conditions and the effect they have on our cars looms nearer. The following are some fall maintenance tips to get you started towards preserving your vehicle through the harsh winter months and keeping you safe on slick, icy roads.

Check All Fluids

Antifreeze, or coolant, keeps the temperature of your engine steady. Oil makes sure everything works properly, and brake fluid is necessary for the health of your brake system. Wiper fluid is crucial as well, so make sure you use a type that won’t freeze!

Replace Wiper Blades

Nothing is worse than wiping melted snow and ice off your windshield with streaky wiper blades that just impede your vision.

Mind Your Battery

Cold air reduces your battery capacity, so have your battery’s life checked before the weather gets cold so you don’t get any nasty surprises.

Check Tire Tread and Pressure

Tires wear more quickly if they’re improperly inflated. Make a note to gauge the depth of your tire tread to ensure your tires won’t slip in icy road conditions, and also make sure they’re inflated according to specifications.

These fall service tips serve as a great basis for anyone who doesn’t know what kind of maintenance they need to perform to “winterize” their vehicle. Make sure you have these basics covered before heading into winter!

And if you need any assistance, make sure you contact our service department in Ottawa, IL!

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