Kia Launches Nostalgic Tecmo Bowl Ad for the Sorento

Video games based on sports have come a long way from their humble beginnings, but the advanced, realistic games of today seem to have nothing on the nostalgic value of 1980s arcade games. That’s why Kia opted to base their latest Sorento ad on the old Tecmo Bowl arcade game. The Tecmo Bowl ad also features old-school NDFL stars Bo Jackson and Brian Bosworth just to lend the occasion some authenticity.

The themed ads have gotten two television spots. One commercial features Jackson beginning to play Tecmo Bowl the traditional way, but instead, he runs off the field and jumps into a Kia Sorento, which he then drives across the football field to achieve a touchdown. The other commercial showcases him swerving to avoid hitting Bosworth and then stopping to offer him a lift.

The commercials are designed to showcase the Kia Sorento’s advanced safety technology such as the fully-active all-wheel drive, but it also adds a bit of fun, nostalgic flair to Kia’s latest ad campaign. The Tecmo Bowl ad even features a brand-new version of the video game’s theme song, which has been updated to a modern “metal version.” Overall, the ad is meant to appeal to old and young audiences alike with a familiar look at the way technology has changed.

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