Which Kia Models Would Stranger Things Characters Be?

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s been a good thing for all things spooky, up to and including the incredible and sudden fame of one of Netflix’s latest exclusive series, the eerie 90s-themed Stranger Things. At Bill Walsh Kia, there’s nothing we love more than matching people to a vehicle that fits them, so we decided to match up all the Stranger Things characters to the Kias that match them best.

Mike: He’s the glue that keeps his friend group together even when Will’s disappearance sets them all on edge, but he can also jump into action when needs be, which is why he’s the Kia Sportage.

Eleven: The Kia Sorento. Why? Though she’s a quiet, frail-looking girl, Eleven is also the most powerful and useful member of her team. Turn to her when you need to get the job done.

Dustin: Definitely the 2017 Rio. He may be small and compact, but Dustin knows what he’s about and expresses it with unparalleled confidence.

Lucas: Sensibility first! Lucas is the type to assess a situation to see if it’s dangerous and then promptly avoid it, which is why he’d be a family-friendly Sedona.

Nancy: The 2017 Soul is the only fitting ride for this quirky, youthful, trendy, and clever girl. Though you may not agree with all her choices, there’s no denying she kicks major butt.

Jonathan: His quiet practicality keeps a lid on Nancy’s more blatantly enthusiastic vibes, which is why the only model for Jonathan is the versatile and dependable Kia Forte.

If the Stranger Things characters are this easy to match up, how about you? Which Kia models do you think would best fit your personality?

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