Your Basic Tire Pressure FAQs, Answered

One of the most important aspects of regular vehicle maintenance is keeping your tires properly inflated. However, many drivers have questions about tire inflation.

To help you out, here is a short list of tire pressure FAQs:

What will happen if I don’t inflate my tires?

Poorly inflated tires are more likely to experience a blowout, which could lead to a tragic collision. Additionally, under-inflated tires reduce your fuel economy.

Can I inflate my tires at home?

Yes! If inflating your tires at home, be sure to use a quality tire gauge and pump to ensure that your readings are correct.

How much should I inflate my tire?

This answer is different for every car, but there should be a sticker on the inside panel of your driver’s door with the information.

Is it safe to overinflate my tire?

No. Overinflated tires also have a higher risk for a blowout and erode unevenly. Many drivers think that overinflating their tires will save them time, but the increased danger isn’t worth it!

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