Kia Will Have Android Auto and Apple CarPlay in Every Car by 2018

Each year, the latest model lineup from Kia seems to become exponentially more technologically advanced.

This is certainly true in 2016, and, based on new reports, will be totally game-changing in 2018, when Kia will have added Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility to every single one of its available cars in the EU, as well as North America.

These services enable you to sync your cellphone, whether you have an Android phone or an iPhone, to your car, essentially moving your cellphone screen right to your car’s dashboard.

If you thought GPS navigation, enjoying your own personal library of music, and making hands-free phone calls was already easy in a new Kia model, you won’t believe how seamless, simple, and safe these activities can be with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Of course, Kia already offers UVO in its models, which is a subscription service that uses voice recognition software to make phone calls and more a piece of cake.

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