Quality Survey Results Rank Kia as Top Brand

Quality survey results

Over the years, Kia has developed an unfair reputation for producing “cheap” products, but “cheap” and “affordable value” are not the same thing. Auto Bild magazine understands this, which is why the publication recognized Kia for its superior quality.

In Auto Bild’s 2015 Quality Report, Kia was named the best brand, out-ranking 19 other automakers in the German market based on reliability and customer satisfaction. And you know that if the Germans–who are known for holding engineering in high regard–are happy with Kia, it’s a big deal.

Based on recall data, customer surveys, and warranty programs, contenders were evaluated and a winner was chosen, in this case being Kia. It was the only automaker to score a top rating in the warranty category.

“Our quality aspirations extend from our R&D centers, design studios and production facilities…to the sales and service areas of the business where we have made great strides by restructuring our dealership network and living up to our promise of placing top priority on continuously increasing quality,” said Steffen Cost, COO of Kia Motors Germany.

We at Bill Walsh Kia know that quality has always been a top priority of Kia’s. Maybe after these impressive quality survey results, more American consumers will notice!

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