Kia Funds Teachers Through “Holidays on Us” Campaign

Holidays on Us

Kia has been involved in helping the educational system, as Kia believes in taking an active role in the communities. Since 2012, Kia has helped more than 1.5 million American students, and this year the automaker hopes to increase that number by directly impacting the teachers.

Teachers are helping to educate America’s youth, but not all teachers have the necessary training and classroom resources. Too often, teachers do not have access to training needed to keep their teaching effective. This is especially true in high-risk schools.

Kia is partnering with, which is a charity website that focuses on crowd funding. This site has become very successful in the educational setting. Each year, the average teacher spends almost $500 out of their own pockets to obtain supplies needed for their classroom and students. Many teachers have started using crowdfunding as a way to seek financial help and/or supplies from local, national, and even international communities.

Kia will be working with to provide $500,000 in flash funding to support projects and the training of teachers. The specific locations of this collaboration will focus on San Diego; Phoenix; and Tucson, Arizona.

This is part of Kia’s “Holidays on Us” Road Tour. In addition, Kia will provide DonorsChoose with an all-new 2016 Optima for the tour. Kia will also consider supporting future projects posted by the teachers and possibly donate more as needed.

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