Kia Optima Ad Campaign Stars NBA All-Star Blake Griffin

Kia Optima ad campaign
The Optima’s newest ad features Blake Griffin.

Kia has partnered up with basketball star Blake Griffin yet again in the latest Kia Optima ad campaign. The NBA player and the auto brand have been a team since 2011, when he famously dunked over an Optima. The latest ad campaign, a series of four commercials featuring the 2016 Optima, has brought the duo back together.

Kia has been an official NBA sponsor for four years now, with the Optima named as the NBA’s Official Vehicle. The new campaign, however, brings back Griffin’s signature brand of deadpan, satirical humor and combines it with the presence of regular, everyday people. The all-star invites these people to test drive the 2016 Optima and “get in The Zone” by experiencing the vehicle’s superior performance, handling, and overall quality.

The television commercial spots for the Kia Optima ad campaign will be viewable on cable, network NBA programming, and on Kia’s digital and social media channels, including its official website and YouTube account. Kia claims the company owes its incredible success with basketball fans to Griffin’s longtime partnership, acting and athletic talent, and quirky sense of humor.

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