Kia Optima A1A Concept Debuts at SEMA


Kia Optima A1A concept
The Kia Optima A1A concept car recently debuted at SEMA. The 2016 Kia Optima is pictured above.

Even as we approach the winter months, Kia has decided to brighten things up a bit by injecting some summer fun into the SEMA showcase by bringing along the Kia Optima A1A concept car. The concept is a four-door convertible that is, of course, based on Kia’s popular Optima platform, but is named after the popular Florida coastal highway, conjuring up mental images of cruising by the ocean with the top down.

In addition to the new convertible top, the Optima A1A features rear-hinge rear doors and a cut-off windshield. Plus, to make up for the lack of a roof, Kia enhanced the safety and durability of the concept by reinforcing it with steel tubing. The 2.0-liter turbocharged engine cranks out 245 horsepower, while the convertible is also decked out with 20-inch wheels and a sporty suspension that provides the Optima A1A with a lower ride height.

The contrast between the bright blue exterior and the pale cream leather-appointed seats gives the convertible a summery, retro feel, and the rear bucket seats give the Kia Optima A1A concept an even more athletic vibe. In addition to the Optima A1A, Kia’s SEMA lineup also included the Forte Koup Mud Bogger and PacWest Adventure Sorento.

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