How to Handle These Common Driving Emergencies

common driving emergencies

You do everything you can. You’ve got your rabbit’s foot and it’s been at least a decade since you broke a mirror.

But no matter what, driving emergencies happen. The following are a few of the more harrowing and common driving emergencies, and some suggestions on how to make it through them safely.

Tire Blowout

What makes tire blowouts so challenging is the horrible popping, exploding sound they can make. It’s hard to prepare for that but just know if you hear it, do not immediately slow down or turn in any way. You’ll likely be on the highway (they happen most often at high-speeds) so gently ease over to the shoulder, if traffic allows it.

Drift off the Pavement

If you find that you’ve drifted off the pavement, it can hard to fight the urge to overcorrect. Fight it. As an article from relates, 25% of fatal crashes are single-car. Take your foot off of the accelerator and keep the vehicle as straight as you can even as you ever-so-gently ease it back onto the road.

Sudden and Complete Stops

If you find that you simply have to stop as soon as possible, don’t be afraid to do it. If your vehicle has ABS (and it should, most do), pumping is unnecessary because that’s what ABS essentially does, and explains the strange pulsing sensations and industrial-like noises. With ABS, you can steer even with the brakes slammed.

The best way to be prepared for emergencies is to focus when you drive. Focus. Minimize distractions. Never forget what’s at stake.

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